Geopathic Stress causes ill-health

Geopathic Stress a cause of Ill-health

Negative earth energy causing health problems Earth energies often contribute to ill-health. To better understand this, look at the illustration to the left. This is a drawing of an underground stream, showing how, in this case, unhealthy or “black” natural energies radiating upwards from the stream, and also at 45 degrees on each side, forming three lines on the surface which contain spirals or vortices.

They radiate upwards through all the floors of a house or building. There is also a ley line (many waves of “overgrounds”, from right of illustration) which focuses into the centre of the spirals, forming a powerful hot spot.

A black ley line will tune into a black spiral and a white ley will tune into a white spiral. The reason the stream is emitting unhealthy radiation is that the stream is polluted, or the rock/substrata above is of a type which alters the energies to unhealthy (e.g. clay).

If you have your bed on one of these lines, or especially in the centre of a spiral, you could become seriously ill very quickly, depending upon your resistance to disease and some other factors.

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