Phone Tag

Phone tag for mobile and cordless phonesMobile phones and Dect phones use a microwave/radio frequency that pulses at 217 times per second. The home cordless telephone produces a slightly higher magnetic field. Some people complain of blurred vision , vague head pains (Dr B. Hoking Herald Sun 1997) a topical heat type rash or a condition termed as ‘Hot ear’. The Phone Tag has been developed to fit on the outside of the phone, when fitted correctly in accordance with the instructions, this small device may help alleviate some of the effects expereiencedwhen the phone is in use. Studies at University Lueoek, Germany, have measured biological effects can extend at least 2 to 3 metres outwards from a phone antennae.The tag will offer a level of defence should these microwaves be damaging.

Industry studies have shown the portable hands-free fittings for mobile phones to be of benefit, 100+mG at the phone when in use and 3mg at the portable hands-free earpiece. We also recommend these in conjunction with the Phone Tag particularly for heavy users.

Price £44.00

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