Phone Tag

Mobile Tags

The Phone Tag is used for altering the frequencies from chaotic to a coherent form that are coming to & from mobile & cordless phones, small beeper systems & and other hand-held electrical devices, (when an Electron Stabiliser is not installed).

Electromagnetic (EM) and Microwave fields and WiFi emanating from the antenna of digital devices or the EM radio frequencies from cordless phones are believed to cause damaging bio-energy effects when the phone is in use or in standby mode.

Treating a device renders it biologically harmonious to the user & anyone nearby. The microwave/radio frequencies that radiate have been tested in Europe & found to affect people biologically up to 9 metres (29ft) away. There have been hundreds of tests done all over the world showing the harmful effects of mobile handsets microwaves can easily penetrate 8ft thick solid steel, they pass through us with ease.

Each tag will have fitting instructions included with your purchase.

Digital equipment use a microwave/radio frequency that pulses at 217 times per second. The home cordless produces a high magnetic field. Some people complain of blurred vision or vague head pains (Dr B. Hoking Herald Sun 1997). The Phone Tag has been developed to fit on the outside of your phone, when fitted correctly in accordance with the instructions, this small device may help alleviate some effects when in use. Studies at University Lueoek, Germany, “measured biological effects can extend at least 2 to 3 metres from some antenna”.

Industry studies have shown the portable hands-free fittings for mobiles to be of benefit, 100+mG at the earpiece when in use and 3mg at the portable hands-free earpiece. Teslas’ also recommended these in conjunction with the Phone Tag particularly for heavy users.

Testing done with the micro-capillary microscope has shown the blood flow slowing down considerably while the person was using a mobile, whereas the same person’s blood flow increased when the same phone was fitted with a Tag. Thermal image tests have shown heat patterns when a mobile without a Tag is placed just 10mm above the skin, but when the sam$e test was done with a Tag fitted to the there is no heat pattern from the phone.

£44.00 ea

When the Tag is fitted correctly to your mobile or cordless, it may help alleviate the energetic effects associated with the use.

 This little plate has also been used to help with eye injuries e.g. when stuck to the side arm of a pair of glasses the energy will beam in behind the eye, healing will occur behind the eyeball.

Put on the front of the eye via an eye-patch or on the frameof the glasses the healing will occur within the eye.

The Tag comes ready to fit with double sided tape already attached.

These Aura photos show what happens with untreated and treated phones.