Prosper Commercial Water Kit

Fitted to the outside of the water pipe at the water meter once.

This unit delivers a proprietary Ionic energy into tap water through the pipe, it has no moving parts, contains no magnets, uses no chemicals or electricity, and does not filter the water.

The Prosper Commercial Water Kit aids the water to return to it’s natural energized state, at the cell level, the return of ionic life force is evident in improved taste and customer satisfaction.

The resultant soft energized water may appear crystal clear with a much less metallic, chemical taste and smell.

Fresher Cleaner living water can only enhance the quality of all we consume and improve the way we live and do business.

With the Prosper Commercial  Water Kit is fitted the life force is replaced into your water,then tastes & feels like rain water or a clear mountain stream cool and fresh.

On tap to benefit your business.

The truest simplest way to enhance all food and beverages that are prepared  to benefit Chef ingredients, customers and staff.

You only need to purchase the Commercial Water Kit once.

Proper Ice, clear, strong, long lasting, quality cocktails.

This then will benefit your bottom line day in day out, year  after year.

Have it for ever needing no servicing or upkeep.

Nothing to replace,no on going costs as it is a free energy device.

Ancient and Modern Technology combines to give you great, freshest water on tap for all your needs ensuring quality at every stage in food preparation, enhancing cooking and revealing true flavors.

The Commercial Water Kit works Changing the ionization signature of the molecules from a majority of positive ions to a majority of negative ions. (A Tesla Electron Stabilizer may be needed because electrical wires cross over your plumbing.)
The chlorine molecules stay as separate molecules and as such, the smell and metallic taste is greatly diminished.
The water’s memory of all the added chemicals and toxins is altered, (which does not happen with conventional filters) as they simply strain the water leaving it lifeless, dirty and metallic.

The Commercial Water Kit returns water to Life wherever it is used.
The microscopic toxins and heavy metals in the water clump together making it simpler for the body to expel them effectively.
It’s a No Brain-er


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