Prosper House Kit

Prosper House Kit :


14 Sided House kit
14 Sided House kit

Harmonize your Space.

Everything you need to help combat pathogenic stress in your home in one easy package.

The Prosper House Kit provides 7 ways to help reduce the negative impacts of damaging electronic fields in your house and will function  and benefit for ever.

Order today and save over £200 on the cost of individual purchases.

Prosper House Kit contains:

    • 3 Mobile Phone Tags -altering the biological effects coming from mobile or cordless phones.
    • 2  Personal Discs – strengthens the auric field, boosts the immune system,improves concentration & also helps A.D.D/A.H.D in children to cope with far less prescription medication.
    • Defender Personal Disc– helps with minor pains or bruises & can be used to alter the taste of water and food,carry one always.
    •  Car Disc – helps alter the aggressive fields coming from the electronics in cars. and all forms of transport.
    • House Disc– helps households cope with Pathogenic Stress, EM Radiation & positive ionization. Choose from an Octagonal or a  14 sided plate.
    • Electron Stabilizer – fits on to a power cord and turns the chaotic frequencies in the wiring to a more coherent form.
    • Prosper Large Water Kit – puts life force back into tap water, tastes & feels like rain water (no ongoing costs.)