Prosper Mini Kit

Prosper Mini Kit

The Prosper Mini Kit de-electrifies urban water, restructuring  the inherent life force as it is found in nature.

Ancient and modern technologies combine to give you fresh, good water to drink,  wash with and bathe in for all your needs.

How it works

The  Prosper Mini  Kit changes the ionisation of the water molecules from a majority of positive ions to a majority of negative ions, which in itself is of much benefit. The chlorine molecules stay as separate molecules and as such the smell and taste of chlorine is diminished. The water’s memory of all the toxins and chemicals is removed at a cell level (which does not happen with conventional filters).

The microscopic heavy metals in the water clump together making it simpler and easier for the body to expel them.

Why spend huge amounts of money on expensive, heavy bottles of water and carrying them home or in your car ?

We can offer you another way, after all the water in your home is probably ‘the other lifeless stuff’, and you might drink without boiling it or using a water jug dehydrating you.

When we bath/shower we absorb up to 600% more toxins/pollutants than we do by drinking water, as a result our skin dries out some have asthma attacks after showers due to that toxin overload.

The combination of raw water acts a detergent that strips out goodness and benefits from all we eat. Water in nature meanders and swirls, and the motion keeping water alive; when water is forced through straight pipes it loses all life force.

The Prosper Mini kit returns water to life wherever you are.

In your hectic lifestyle you may not take much notice of our surroundings let alone realise we have become far less sensitive,

Our taste and smell have been subdued due to the damage the environment has impacted upon us all, sometimes our senses have been deadened (totally reduced).

Because of the environment we live in is surrounded by the electronic fog of modern day life, maybe you have not thought about these aspects of your lives because you are so very busy or just stressed and dehydrated due to the factors mentioned above.

How much time do you spend taking care of your looks? How much time do you spend at home with your children? How much time do you spend learning new things?

How much time is allocated for socialising, then how much of all the time we have is dedicated to optimising our health and to realise our life force.
The best way to try this for you is to give it a go. Purchase a Prosper Mini Kit and judge under your own rigorous testing in the comfort of your home.

It does exactly what it says on the leaflet, for always and never run out.

It is  regrettable that the most important aspects of life are rarely talked about, issues that are truly important, the issues that sustain us all, more and more people are waking up to what we are doing and everything we are offering and in time the planet could greatly benefit from our efforts.


Thoughts to consider:  On average each of us gets through about a Ton of water a week, We take the quality of that water for granted as most of us are satisfied with the fact that the water we get at home is as good as it will ever be. People in the UK are fortunate to have good quality water fed to our homes directly that has at least been treated to be safe for consumption.

In actual fact this water is so precious yet it has not been optimised to the full potential, due to a recent discovery we can now have improved fresh alive water out of  the taps where we live/work constantly for life.

Why not you use the best, freshest water on tap?

Simply attach the device to the incoming water pipe and enjoy fresh alive softened water for ever more.

Why spend money on expensive bottled water when you can have fresher sweeter, softer water on tap for ever.

Fill up at your bottle at home and have better water for the day ahead saving on every sip you take!

Enjoy – hydrating showers, softer shinier hair and have improved healthier skin, your skin will look and feel clearer reducing dryness and itching improving all skin conditions.

Nurturing is all important so you may notice that the kids will enjoy bath time and teatime more too, all for no extra outlay.

Save on detergents – less is needed for cleaning and washing effectively even your clothes will smell nicer and be energised too..

Reducesenergy bills – heating, cooling, and reduces scale.

Shrink your carbon footprint. Bottled water costs a huge amount when you take into consideration all the extra transport and storage etc, and it will not taste as good as your own fresh energised water straight from the tap.

Ice cubes will be much clearer and last longer in drinks,ice is denser, colder and purer so that it lasts longer and doesn’t dilute the cocktails.”.

All the food your purchase will be fresher and taste better, just by washing fruit and vegetables in this water will freshen everything back to almost the day it was picked, recharging the water held within produce at a cell level.

Teas and coffees will be improved and taste cleaner and nicer.

In nature, water stays alive by sloshing and meandering through rivers and streams. However in cities and towns water is force-fed under pressure through straight pipes, reducing its life force. The water has been chemically treated and filtered, additionally the water in pipes has also passed by electrical cables, gas cables, cable TV, greatly reducing its life force even further.

As for cost

If we told you the true potential of an automatic constant benefit which you experience each and every moment,
If each time an event occurs where there was a benefit brought about by having a Prosper Water Kit.

For an example, if you gave us as said amount for each time an improvement was observed by using one of our products on a daily basis it would take no time at all to notch up  a substantial amount of savings as each benefit can be measured in an improvement to the owner.

If for example you purchase a bottle of medium priced wine or beer and vitalise a sample of that liquid and do a taste test the best way is to try the vitalised sample first then the raw sample, try the aroma and smell firstly keeping the two well apart and compare, take a taste of the vitalised sample first then the raw sample second, so the decide at your discretion,so the whole bottle could also be effected improving earth energy within the beverage … and reducing the effects of bottling, air/sea movement and transportation, returning the liquid to its full potential once more..