Tesla Discs

Effective at stopping stress, Tesla Discs offer a convenient,effective method to protect the human Bio energy field from damaging or harmful external influences including geopathic stress, radiation, electrical fields, electrostatic absorption and improve the viability of all we eat and drink.

There are endless ways to apply these devices to our everyday lives. At our place of work, in the car or on transport or wherever we go for food and drink these devices can enhance these experiences and in turn our enhancing our daily lives helping us to have more energy to enjoy our lives to the full.

All devices are accompanied with more comprehensive information  when purchased.

Defender Personal Disc

Defender Personal Disc

Field of influence is approximately 4 meters in all directions.

This proprietary energy matrix involved s has helped produce a most versatile device and is attuned to heart frequency and boosts the human energy field to offer a level of protection from the environment that surrounds us.

Customers also use them to alter the taste of their drinking water, wine, food etc and some people feel the Disc has helped alleviate local aches and pains.

More explanation  in the notes when purchased.

65mm x 1mm.


Computer Disc


Computer Disc £100
Computer Disc £100

Field of influence 4-6 m.

These wonderful devices were developed to work specifically with computer screens and all other audio visual equipment  Wii games etc.

Benefits include:

  • Help relieve eye-strain from computer screens (dry eye).
  • Help speed the healing process and have more energy.
  • Improve the taste of food and drink.
  • Helps relieve all types of pain.
  • Carry all the time to experiment and enjoy.

70mm x 1mm.


Small Practitioner Disc (Oval)

The Small Practitioner Disc (Oval) is designed to fit in a shirt/blouse pocket to strengthen and protect the practitioner’s energy field while working.

50mm x 1mm.


Large Practitioner Disc Large ( Oval)

Practitioner Plate Large

The size of this Disc makes it ideal to work fast and at a distance usually placed under the massage or work table. Your clients will exhibit healing Alpha brain patterns quickly thus enhancing your work and client experience.

90mm x1mm.


Car Disc


With all the added electronic devices now standard in new cars, added stress has been placed on our human electrical system and may be the contributing factor to the increase in “road rage” and fatigue levels (RAC 2014).

With the Car Disc positioned in a vehicle, driver’s and passengers may find they feel calmer with diminished fatigue and greatly reducing the effects of motion sickness.

Feeling less tired over long journeys.

Customers have reported at least 15% fuel saving per tank.

Area of influence: 80 meters.

90mm x 1.5mm.


14 Sided House Disc

The 14 sided House Disc has a slightly more gentle energy matrix than the octagonal house plate and is sufficient for the average House to alleviate Geopathic Stress from underground water, leylines, mobile phone, TV… towers. That can be seen from the house..

(Area of influence 1km/1½ acre radius. )

142mm x 1.5mm.


Large Octagonal House DiscHouse Plate Octagonal

The Large Octagonal House Disc is specifically configured to help alleviate the energetic effects caused by strong geopathic stress, due to phone towers; high tension wires or trains & tram lines; mobile phone, TV, Radio towers that are near the house. It is used to energize reflex points and the auric field of humans ,animals and wildlife .

Area of influence 1km/1½ acre radius.

142mm x 1.5mm.



Small Oyster Disc

The Small Oyster is specifically designed to alleviate EMF stress in high rise office buildings and apartments, and EMR from mobile phone towers (microwave signal); satellites; radar and high voltage power lines…, making the energy more biologically compatible.

Office workers experience less stress, are calmer and more productive with less absenteeism.

The Small Oyster as do all devices energize plant & animal life in the surrounding area of houses and farms or any city dwelling.

This is made from 2 specially developed Titanium  plates.
(Area of influence: ½ hectare=1¼ acres)

12 stories (6 floors up 6 floors down).

142mm x 1.5mm


Farm Oyster Disc

The Large Farm Oyster is made from 2 specially developed 14 sided Discs, specifically for large properties. The energy covers 12htr (30+ acres).

A Large Farm Oyster produces a specific non-Terahertz energy, which helps alleviate the energetic effects caused by Geopathic Stress that can be rising up from underground water, leylines & Hartman lines, or emanating from overhead power lines, mobile phone Towers,TV, Radio towers, Satellites, Radar…, making these energies more bio compatible, which helps plant,livestock all animal life.

Farmers and Growers have reported growing larger much healthier plants resulting in more crop with less water.

Water should be living not lifeless !

Please do leave any inquiry as particular circumstances will vary.

142mm x 2.5mm

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