Prosper Pocket Disc

Effective at reducing stress,the Prosper Pocket Disc offers a really convenient method to energize and protect the human Bio energy field from damaging,harmful external influences including geopathic stress, radiation, electrical fields, electrostatic absorption and improve the viability of all we eat and drink.

There are endless ways to apply these devices to our everyday lives. At our place of work, in the car or on transport or wherever we go for food and drink these devices can enhance these experiences and in turn our lives helping us to have more energy to enjoy our lives much more.

All the devices are accompanied with more information when purchased.

To begin your discovery why not try this small device.

Enhance your life !

Prosper Pocket Disc
Prosper Pocket Disc

Field of influence of the Prosper Pocket Disc is approximately 3 m.

This proprietary energy matrix involved with these plates has helped produce a most versatile device and is attuned to heart frequency and boosts the human energy field to offer a level of protection from the environment that surrounds us all .

Customers use these plates to alter the taste of their drinking water, wine, food etc and some people feel the plate has helped alleviate aches and pains.

More explanation is available with the information included when purchased.

65mm x 1mm