14 Sided House Disc

Nikola Tesla did much research in to generating Multi  Wave Oscillators,these 14 sided House Discs have been developed to restore balance  in any area constantly utilizing Scalar waves.

Please do your own Research to find out the history of Tesla.

14 Sided House DiscHouse Plate 14 Sided

The 14 sided House Disc due to the shape has a slightly more gentle subtle energy matrix than the octagonal house plate and is more than sufficient for the average House to alleviate Geopathic Stress from underground water,ley lines and mobile phone towers that can be seen from the house.

This device will balance your space into harmony and in tune with nature and enhance natures ability to balance with the environment.

These Discs have an effective area of influence in the region of

1km/1½ acre radius constant.

142mm x 1.5mm.

£ 345.00