Computer Disc

Computer Disc

ComputerDisc £100
Computer Disc £100

Field of influence of the Computer Disc is approximately  4 m.

Developed to work specifically with computer screen frequencies and all other electrical/electronic equipment.

Octagonal 70mm x 1mm thick.

Benefits of the Computer Disc include :

  1. Great to carry around with you Forever boosting the energy field.
  2. Helps to relieve eye-strain from computer screens and Fluorescent Lighting.(Dry Eye)
  3. Reduces damaging influences from all surroundings .
  4. Help speed the healing process, Have more Energy always .
  5. Improves the taste of drinks and food wherever you go.
  6. Helps relieve pain i.e., scolds, burns, twists, sprains migraines aches and hangovers.