Defender’ Personal Disc

Use These beautiful Discs  to enhance  the flavour of water,juices, tea, coffee, wine,all other beverges, simply by placing the Disc under/near glass  for a short while. (1 min+) it may take a bit longer sometimes.

1 Ltr of water 4-6mins

Try a Taste test with two samples of the same food or drink place them over 3m apart place the plate under on sample for about 1 minute,then sample them both keeping them separate..notes on temperature,sweetness ,length of flavour and roundness etc.

Also put a Disc under a plate when eating to rejuvenate each ingedient of the meal back into harmony.

The Disc will sweeten fruit and reduce pesticide residue, improving our abillity to flush away any possible toxins effectively.

The Disc can be worn in a shirt pocket or back left pocket as the resonance is connected to heart,the influencing field is approx 3 metres

Travel plateThe Defender Disc was developed to help negate some of the adverse biological effects of man-made EMF’s, such as radar in air-planes, thus calming the bio-energetic system of the wearer, which can alleviate Jet Lag and nausia .


The Personal Disk is very good for healing Great at reducing,  pains from cuts, burns and headaches when slowly waved to and fro across the area or placed directly on to the area to be healed.

14 sided, 65mm x 1mm